Could this be the largest selection of Piñatex™ products in any store?

Posted by Claire Smith on

Beyond Bags has expanded its range of bags and backpacks in innovative, vegan sustainable and eco-friendly Piñatex™, the amazing new material created from pineapple leather. 

Beyond Bags has sourced articles in Piñatex™ from four different designers, to provide an array of backpacks, bucket bags, tote bags, satchel bags and clutch and crossbody bags, to suit all uses and occasions. 

Not only are each of these bags entirely vegan, ecofriendly and ethically made, so zero harm to humans as well as zero harm to animals, they also stack up in terms of superior quality and ingenious design.

Instantly remarkable, these bags will be an immediate talking point among your friends and coworkers, who will be fascinated to know that such a product is even possible, let along can be so sturdy and stylish.

The full collection is here where you can see more details of each of the items pictured below. 

Pinatex and Faux Leather Large Crossbody Saddlebag in Black Pinatex Backpack with Buckles


Pinatex Satchel bag Pinatex and Faux Leather backpack Pinatex bucket bag


Pinatex and Faux Leather clutch crossbody bag Pinatex backpack in black



Pinatex tote in cream and brown Faux Leather Pinatex tote in black