... ... Piñatex™ Collection from Beyond Bags luxury vegan bags and backpacks | Beyond Bags ... Piñatex™ Collection from Beyond Bags luxury vegan bags and backpacks

Piñatex™ Collection

Such is the interest in this innovative new material, and so great is the demand for new styles and designs made from it, that Beyond Bags is creating a new collection in which we showcase all the models we have available. 

This robust new material is made from pineapple leaves, sourced from existing pineapple farmers who would otherwise discard the leaves as waste. This fabric is bonded together, without knitting or weaving, from the long fibres found in pineapple leaves. Filipino farmers extract the fibres from pineapple leaves and send them to a textile finishing company in Spain where the transformation from a fiber mesh into Piñatex™ takes place.

Piñatex™ is strong, versatile, breathable, soft, light, flexible, and can be easily printed on, stitched and cut. Our Piñatex™ collection of bags and backpacks is sourced from four different designers, each with their own style and approach, and through scouting and checking the design principles and quality of each brand we have been able to bring to our customers the quintessential Piñatex™ collection. 

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